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Made of Pink and silver Chainmalle with custom bandeau brallette and double side split skirt topped with chainmail belt. Top is in pentagram shape in the front and uses magentic clasps to close securely and easily. This chainmail is very light and ethereal in look and feel. 


We will only make 3 of these uutfits ( Each must be a different color combination) - once those 3 orders are secured then the style will be archived. 


Once Payment is recieved we will be in touch to confirm measurements, matierials, and colors for the garment. Plus any other pertinet details. 


Please note since every item is made specifically for the wearer, Custom Orders take 4 - 8 weeks to create once deposit, measurements and materials have been recieved. 


Photography by Charlie Price. Runway photo by Hardy Klahold. 


Featured in Fashion West Magazine. 

Sultry Sulis - Feudal Finesse Collection

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